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Vlad Arakcheyev - From COVID Layoff to Joint Venture, Multifamily and Syndication Success

March 14, 2023 William Holland Episode 28
Money Tree Real Estate Investor Podcast
Vlad Arakcheyev - From COVID Layoff to Joint Venture, Multifamily and Syndication Success
Show Notes

“Do stuff an average person wouldn’t do.”

Vlad Arakcheyev is an inspiring guy. He is an active investor, co-sponsor and JV partner in 60+ multifamily units and land development amounting to a multimillion-dollar portfolio. Go give him a follow on LinkedIn at

After taking on many challenges in entrepreneurship and failed attempts, Vlad joined the Jake & Gino real estate community, which ultimately led him to success. Now, Vlad is in charge of Zontik Ventures’ operations and asset management. He is a member of the national real estate investor network. He has an experience in sales and marketing for residential and commercial real estate and has been leading direct marketing efforts as well as acquisition and disposition efforts relating to investing in distressed, off-market properties.

Vlad is skilled in acquisition negotiations and multiple creative financing strategies. As a real estate agent licensed in NJ, he has developed an extensive network of investors, real estate agents, contractors and other relevant parties.

In this episode we discuss:
✅ Russia
✅ Travel
✅ Advantage of Real Estate Compared to Other Industries
✅ Importance of Mentorship
✅ Joint Venture and Syndication
✅ Social Media Impact
✅ GAP Funding

Great quotes from the episode include:

“Real estate is an industry where it’s always needed, and because everybody needs to live somewhere, real estate agents are always needed.”

“After speaking with all these real estate people for like 2 days, I was just floored by the generosity and how open they are and how much they're willing to teach and pass their knowledge forward.“

“Mentorship is important! Even if you can do it without mentorship. You don't have to pay, you know, whatever it is for the mentorship, but it's like going up the mountain and learning to ski. You can go up the mountain 20 times, fall down and be all bruised up and eventually learn how to ski or take one lesson.”

“I'm very proud of a person who gave me a shot. I mean, I was new, and he gave me an opportunity. He saw something in me and gave me an opportunity that accelerated my career further. So I'll always be grateful to people that give me shots and opportunities because I'm here to pass it forward. I'm here to teach and help others.”

“Picture this, I can say, oh, listen, Jake & Gino, Bill Ham, Marco Barbaro and Joe Sullivan are my mentors, and the big players in multifamily space. So that gives me credibility right away.”

“You have to put yourself out there, even if it might seem weird, always be consistent, not giving up and driving forward. If you fall down, get up and keep going. Don’t just give up!”

“Real estate is a huge machine. You have to kind of realize that it's not just you there, there's a team that's involved and you're just one part of the whole machine that is moving forward. You don't have to do everything, but you have to do what you do great.”

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