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Agostino Pintus - From INC 500 Technology Chief to Jobless to CRE Developer

December 27, 2022 William Holland Episode 17
Money Tree Real Estate Investor Podcast
Agostino Pintus - From INC 500 Technology Chief to Jobless to CRE Developer
Show Notes

“Who you partner with is the biggest thing, don’t be in a rush to partner with someone, and don’t be in a rush to do deals.”

Agostino Pintus is a multifamily investor, developer, and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in real estate. He currently oversees strategic partnerships, capital development, and platform development for Realty Dynamics Equity Partners, an investment firm specializing in multifamily acquisition and asset management services. Go give him a follow on LinkedIn at

He was a former INC 500 Technology Chief and had great success...until he was let go. He was rudderless, with no direction and financially broken. It wasn't until a friend introduced him to the power of buying large real estate deals that the entire course of his life changed. He ended up building a portfolio of over 1600 units, a real estate development business, and a net lease fund.

He recently bought the John D. Rockefeller building across from Sherman Williams World headquarters. It's a mix of multifamily, about 436 units thereabouts, 2 floors of office, and the lower level is going to be largely restaurants, food and beverage type of place. It is a great asset that will support businesses and provide jobs.

Fun Fact: He was born and raised in Canada, but chose to reside in the US because of its entrepreneurial spirit. He is bilingual and speaks Italian.

In this episode we discuss:

✅ America, a Place for Entrepreneurs
✅ Capital Stacks
✅ John D. Rockefeller
✅ Net Lease
✅ Multi-family
✅ Opportunity Zone (OZ)

Great quotes from the episode include:

“When you have the circle tax credit, you have different types of financing that go into putting these very complex.”

“The cool thing about this building is that it is directly across the street from Sherman Williams World headquarters. So it makes for a great asset that of course is going to have plenty of jobs to support all the businesses and the people.”

“The lender has to be a very specific lender that blacks like suspected deals understand such deals, understands how the tax credits work, understands how the money flows in and out.”

“The greatest success in corporate that I had was when the CEO of the company really liked me. He just handed me a bucket of money and just told me, ‘Do whatever you needed to do. I don’t care, just report back and let me know how things are.’”

“The older you get and as you rise through the ranks the bigger the target you have on the back.”

“Lining up the right lender for the right deal is paramount.”

“I decided to give my entrepreneurial spirit a shot for real this time you know it went all in.”

“You have to really believe in yourself and be willing to push through all the garbage and nonsense that’s underway in your head.”

“Colliers some of the top five buyers of multi-family in northeast Ohio.”

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