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Kelly Hanson - From Cattle Ranching to Logging, to Residential Realtor

December 13, 2022 William Holland Episode 15
Money Tree Real Estate Investor Podcast
Kelly Hanson - From Cattle Ranching to Logging, to Residential Realtor
Show Notes

“One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was not buying real estate.”

Realtor, teacher, mentor, and trainer Kelly Hanson shares what he has learned in his 34+ years in real estate. Go give him a follow at

He moved to Corda Lane, but there were no jobs that related to his background. He saw an advertisement to get into real estate. He entered into real estate without having any idea about it. He went to real estate school at night and worked sawmill during the day, got his license in the middle of September 1988, and went full time at that point. At first, he lacked communication skills, so he started going to Toastmasters International. He got an award as rookie of the year in 1989 to Idaho Realtor of the Year in 2006.

Hanson wanted to educate people so they could become “the best-informed buyers on the market.” After decades of accumulating this knowledge, and listening to the advice of a very prolific writer by the name of Brian Tracy, Hanson wrote his own book, entitled: “Be Smart in Real Estate”. This book reflects all the mistakes buyers can make when buying a home. Mistakes can be avoided by asking the right questions and getting the correct answers. The results? The buyer makes an educated buying decision! This book will make you Smart in Real Estate! Now including 90 home seller tips!

He believes that real estate should be easy to understand for everyone and is excited to share his knowledge.

In this episode we discuss:

✅ Toastmasters International
✅ Communicating with People
✅ Accredited by Representative
✅ “Be Smart in Real Estate” Book
✅ Buyer Representation
✅ Writing A Book
✅ Brain Dump
✅ Rich Dad Poor Dad
✅ Mobile Home Parks

Great quotes from the episode include:

“I just saw an advertisement to get into real estate now. Well, I can do anything, went to real estate school at night, got my license, and went full time.”

“Learning to be a salesman was uncomfortable.”

“I started going to Toastmasters and of course, they taught me how to make presentations, how to communicate, increase my vocabulary and as a result of the skills that Toastmasters taught me, I was rookie of the year.”

“In real estate, there are certain designations that you can get and one of them is called accredited by representative.”

“One of the things that you talked about is helping your clients out and putting those clients first.”

“Realtors are the first line of defense for the consumers, buyers and sellers to some degree.”

“In real estate, time is of the essence.”

“Anybody could write a book, everybody has a book inside them.”

“Hiring professionals to do the work was some of the best things I did because it came up with a really good product.”

“You helped a lot of people out. You helped them find their dream home and you know, have a place where they could spend time with their family and there's so much value in that.”

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