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Dan Calogne - From Engineering to Helping Immigrants Through Apartment Investing

December 06, 2022 William Holland Episode 14
Money Tree Real Estate Investor Podcast
Dan Calogne - From Engineering to Helping Immigrants Through Apartment Investing
Show Notes

“To think that you can get renovations done while making a good ROI and just making it a better place to live for a family that doesn’t know any better, I think is really pretty cool.”

Dan Calonge is a very inspiring guy. He is the first of his family born in the U.S. His family fled Cuba in 1960, arriving with very little. They worked hard to give his family the best chance of success. He lived in Latin America for a while which helped his fluency in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Go give him a follow on LinkedIn at

Dan is head of Learning & Development for a technology company and is based in Lexington, Kentucky. He spent 26 years working for companies such as Microsoft, Dell, and Sony including six years in Latin America.

Dan also invests in large apartment complexes and is the Managing Partner of Avanza Investments. He started with 0 units and now has over 487+ Units. 'Avanza' means to 'move forward' in Spanish, and he is focused on helping other working professionals achieve excellent returns through multifamily real estate investing. Real Estate investing has helped Dan give back to the immigrant community which he earned an award, “Latino Leadership Award’ at the Su Casa 25th Anniversary Gala”.

In this episode we discuss:

✅ Life of an Immigrant in the United States
✅ Immigrant Community
✅ Helping the Community
✅ Engineering to Real Estate Investment
✅ Stock Market Investment
✅ Apartment Investing Will Outperform Stocks in the Toughest Economic Conditions
✅ Single-Family Investing Vs. Multi-Family Investing
✅ Balancing a W-2 While Being an Active Real Estate Investor

Great quotes from the episode include:

“My hope was to motivate other professionals to decide to do something, serving immigrants, serving poor people…”

“I want to change the world, and I don’t want to do that by myself. I want to do that with other people.”

“I purposely educated myself and found other people who do the same thing that I do.”

“I picked the name ‘Avanza’ because I wanted it to symbolize helping people with their journey.”

“Having ‘Single-Family’ experience doesn't necessarily mean you’re gonna be a great commercial real estate investor.”

“It will take a while before the cashflows start to come, but at the end of the day, you’re gonna see the returns. It might take til towards the end of the whole period before you see them.”

“The big payday is gonna be when you do add the value and you improve the value of the property and then you refinance or sell.”

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