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Nelson Jones - From Zero to Multi-Million Dollar Investment Portfolio

November 15, 2022 William Holland Episode 11
Money Tree Real Estate Investor Podcast
Nelson Jones - From Zero to Multi-Million Dollar Investment Portfolio
Show Notes

“I didn’t even know that somebody like me can invest in multi-million dollar building.”

Nelson Jones is a very inspiring guy. He leverages his skills as a Business Professional to help everyday people grow their wealth through multifamily real estate investing, and he works hard to acquire skills that bring value to his investors. Go give him a follow on LinkedIn at

He launched a company called Jones Equity, a Texas-based multifamily real estate investment firm with experience in acquiring & managing multifamily properties, creating strong cash flow, and exiting projects for a profit. He started his real estate career in Houston, Texas during a very competitive period. Everything changed for him after joining a multi-family meet-up group.

Now, he passively invests as a Limited Partner in San Antonio, Texas, and is currently invested in 120 units of real estate valued over $10M. 

Nelson and his wife Erikka live in the Houston Metro area where they enjoy staying active and traveling.

In this episode we discuss:

✅ Starting Your Own Real Estate Company

✅ Competitive Home Market

✅ Multi-Family Investing

✅ General Partner

✅ Limited Partner

✅ Real Estate Syndication Model

✅ 100% Bonus Depreciation

✅ Setting Goals

Great quotes from the episode include:

“Get educated right, meet the right people, and at some point wire the funds and pull the trigger; don’t be scared of it.”

“I was told to call you. I’m interested in real estate investing.”

“I didn’t even know what General Partner was or Limited Partner.”

“I love this. It’s a huge passion of mine. I’m going to give it a shot.”

“We're pretty new to real estate, there are going to be ups and downs.”

“If you want the 100% bonus depreciation, get it now before the end of the year 2022.”

“Real Estate is a relationship business.”

“Never say no to getting a cup of coffee regardless of who it is, where it is, you never know where a cup of coffee can lead to.”

“I want to build a real estate business that can feed profit to a nonprofit organization.”

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