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Stuart Berryhill - From High School Basketball Coach to AirBnB Portfolio

November 01, 2022 William Holland Episode 9
Money Tree Real Estate Investor Podcast
Stuart Berryhill - From High School Basketball Coach to AirBnB Portfolio
Show Notes

“Worst mistake in real estate has been selling what we have.”

Stuart Berryhill is an amazing guy. He enjoys going on adventures with his wife ranging from rock climbing, to snow skiing, to wakeboarding. Go give him a follow on LinkedIn at

Coming out of college, Stuart went into being a High School teacher and Varsity boys basketball coach. In the summers, he was the staff recruiter at a summer camp. Although retired from teaching inside of a classroom, the passion for teaching young people is continued and shown in his podcast, "Money Vision U", which is dedicated to teaching the "financial class you should have had in High School so you can see opportunities the way the wealthy do and fast track your financial freedom."

Stuart is an entrepreneur passionate about teaching financial literacy to young people. He mentioned how books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki may have positively impacted a student’s life.

He is actively and passively invested in units located in the southeast:

• 241 units in Augusta, Georgia

• 30 units and 30 under contract in Little Rock, Arkansas

• Raised money for 12 units as syndicators

• Have full equity ownership on 18 Airbnb’s

Fun fact: He is a drummer and still loves listening and playing to music from the 90s. 

He also loves basketball, fantasy football, golfing, traveling, being at the lake, watch sports, and being with friends and family!

In this episode we discuss:

✅ Passion is helping young people

✅ Won state in Basketball Twice

✅ Financial Literacy

✅ College, Trade Schools, Entrepreneurship

✅ AirBnB’s

✅ Check City Requirements for Allowing an AirBnB

✅ Financial Freedom requires Passive Income

Great quotes from the episode include:

“We both have a love for basketball and a love for Jesus.”

“His guest have included a 17 year old buying a duplex, a 19 year old house hacking, and a 20 year college student who is running a spray tan business.”

“Insurance has synergy with real estate.”

“I think our NBA careers were cut short before they even started. But we are going to blame our injuries instead of our 5’-9” height.”

“I would argue that a financial literacy course is potentially better long-term than anything you learn in college.”

“Getting  Ph.D in business in one thing, building a $1 million dollar business is another, and it’s probably more valuable.”

“When we are looking at purchasing a property and converting it to a short-term rental, we want to make sure that the property, cash-flowed as a long-term rental first.”

“AirBnB’s aren’t as hard to manage as you think.”

“Never try to do Real Estate on your own.”

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